Adding MAC addresses to PHPIPAM using ARP

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After finding this feature wasn’t implemented [1][2], I spent some time this evening learning phpIPAM‘s REST API and writing a short bash script to update phpIPAM’s mac field.

  • The script will need the username and password of a user that has write permission to the addresses you want to update.
  • You will need to create an api app, as described in the documentation.
  • The script gets info on a single interface and updates addresses in a single subnet.
  • The script will check that the mac needs updating and only update if necessery.
  • The script will ignore addresses tagged as (3) “reserved” or (4) “dhcp”.
  • The script won’t add new addresses, only update existing ones.
  • The script will check local interface ips as well (as these aren’t in ARP)
  • The script requires “iproute2”, “curl” and “jq” (Command-line JSON processor).

Code available at

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