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Installing Wireshark (tshark) on pfSense 2.0.1

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As discussed earlier, you can add extra packages from the FreeBSD repository to pfSense.

One of the most useful applications for any firewall is a packet sniffer. pfSense comes with tcpdump but Wireshark has more features, one of which is parsing application level protocols to give an easier understanding of traffic.

You can install tshark using pkg_add, however pfSense is missing some key libraries,

/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libkrb5.so.10" not found, required by "tshark"

I have tar’d the required libraries which you can download here,
  Libraries required by tshark on pfSense 2.0.1 (447.6 KiB, 1,527 hits)

You can also quickly install these libraries directly with the following commands,

cd /root && fetch http://www.nooblet.org/blog/download/libtshark-pfsense.tar.gz && tar xfvz libtshark-pfsense.tar.gz && mv /root/libtshark-pfsense/* /usr/local/lib/ && rm -rf root/libtshark-pfsense/

Installing extra packages on pfSense 2.0.1

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Adding extra packages to pfsense is simple.

First enable SSH in System > Advanced and connect to your pfSense box using your favourite SSH client. Once connected choose 8 to open a shell.

Once in a shell add a FreeBSD repository to the PACKAGESITE environment variable like,

You may want to add this command to /root/.tcshrc so its set each time you login.

Now you can add packages from the FreeBSD8 repository using pkg_add -r [name].


pkg_add -r iftop
pkg_add -r nano
pkg_add -r freecolor

Find the full list of packages at http://ftp-archive.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD-Archive/ports/i386/packages-8.1-release/Latest/


After installing a new package, run the command rehash in order for it to be usable from the command-line (or log off and back on again).