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Elevated/Admin Notepad++ Context Menu

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I use NotePad++ on Windows and sometimes it is a little frustrating when UAC gets in the way of my editing some files. I have to manually load NotePad++ as Administrator, and try again.

This INF file will install an extra context menu called “Edit with NotePad++ (elevated)”.

Once downloaded, right click the file and choose Install.

Note: The install script assumes NotePad++ is at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe”. You can adjust the location in the install script by editing the very last line.

  NotepadppElevated.inf (1.3 KiB, 4,103 hits)

(tested on Windows 7 x64)

Disable NTFS last access time

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Small increase in performance by having NTFS not note down the time of each file access.

  ntfs-disable-last-access-time.reg (150 bytes, 1,939 hits)

Suppress EventViewer ATi amdkmdag spam

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If you have the ATi Catalyst Control Center installed then you may have come accross hundreds if not thousands of event viewer records from “amdkmdag” with a single line of data “UVD Information”.

This is supposedly the graphics driver notifying you that a peice of video has not passed HDCP checks (read: DRM for video).

To disable this and suppress the messages, make the following registry change,

Or download and run this as a file to make the change.

  amdkmdag.reg (137 bytes, 3,373 hits)