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Exchange 2007 Failed to Install

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Having just upgraded a server to Windows Server 2008 with Microsoft Exchange 2007 I came accross a frustrating issue.

If IPv6 has been disabled on your network interface prior to installation of Exchange 2007 then Exchange will fail to install the Hub Transport Server role with the following error,
Service 'MSExchangeTransport' failed to reach status 'Running' on this server.

Other Exchange services will fail to start if IPv6 has been unticked in your network adapters configuration settings. I routinely disable IPv6 if it is not needed on the network, but it seems Exchange has been written to utilize the new protocol and requires it to function.

Exchange 2007 Pre-requisites on Windows Server 2008

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Exchange 2007 requires that some features be enabled on Windows Server 2008 prior to installation. It is also worth noting that only Exchange 2007 with Service Pack 1 is supported on Windows Server 2008. If you try to install Exchange 2007 without SP1 then the installation will fail.

You can download the full installation of Exchange 2007 with SP1 from Microsoft Technet

A quick way to install the required Windows Server 2008 features, is to utilize the ServerManagerCmd command for feature installation,

Then you can install Exchange 2007 on your Windows Server 2008 server knowing your server meets the requirements.