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backuppc: “failures that need attention” — remove entry

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A backup failed so I disabled the host, but the status page still listed the failure.

To delete this entry:

  1. Stop backuppc – /etc/init.d/backuppc stop
  2. Search /var/lib/backuppc/log/status.pl for the failed host and delete the entry.
  3. Restart backuppc – /etc/init.d/backuppc start

backuppc: Use of qw(…) as parentheses is deprecated

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If you upgrade Perl to 5.13.5 or beyond, backuppc will begin to spew this warning at every oppurtunity. Debian/wheezy currently has these warnings on startup and in backuppc logs.

Debian bug #650522 suggests surrounding each use of qw(…) with rounded parenthesis: (qw(…)). There are a lot these used throughout backuppc, so I took a slightly less ingenious but just as effective route.

By adding: “no warnings 'deprecated';” to the beginning of each file that uses qw(…), the warnings are suppressed. This change can be scripted by using the following one-liner:

The location /usr/share/backuppc/lib/BackupPC/ is used on Debian/wheezy and may need adjusting for other distros.