Suppress EventViewer ATi amdkmdag spam

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If you have the ATi Catalyst Control Center installed then you may have come accross hundreds if not thousands of event viewer records from “amdkmdag” with a single line of data “UVD Information”.

This is supposedly the graphics driver notifying you that a peice of video has not passed HDCP checks (read: DRM for video).

To disable this and suppress the messages, make the following registry change,

Or download and run this as a file to make the change.

  amdkmdag.reg (137 bytes, 3,383 hits)

2 thoughts on “Suppress EventViewer ATi amdkmdag spam

  1. Mauro Castiglione

    Even if ATI CCC is not installed you may get these annoying event viewer records. Entries in Windows registry are more than one



    and I think they should all read 0


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