PostFWD example configuration

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This is something I’ve been tweaking for a few months now. I’ve got it filtering 99% of spam before it hits content filtering.

Postfix v2.5.5 using PostFWD v1.18 as a policy daemon with PostGrey v1.31 for greylisting.

2 thoughts on “PostFWD example configuration

  1. stalks Post author

    Hi. Thanks for the comments.

    You are correct on both points and thankyou for giving any other readers the update I neglected to do so 🙂

  2. Thomas C.

    anybody else gettings this error with the rules?

    Oct 24 13:13:11 host postfwd2/policy[3104269]: FATAL: Unmatched ) in regex; marked by <– HERE in m/$$dnsbltext) <– HERE / at /usr/sbin/postfwd line 1853.?


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