Disable Superweapons in Red Alert 3

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Previous versions of Command & Conquer™ had the ability to disable super weapons, but in Red alert 3 this option is abscent. After much googling for a solution, I spent some time creating my own mod that simply disabled the superweapons.

I like to play turtle vs. the Ai in skirmish, and develop intuitive ways to crush my opponent without having to battle vs. super weapons every 5 minutes.

Created based on SDKv3 and RA3v1.12, it disables the ability to build the weapons for both player and AI.

I created two different mods that disable one or both types of superweapons.

Update: Works in Uprising according to this comment.

Disable Superweapons – Version 1

Disables just the ‘ultimate’ weapons.

  DisableSWv1-112.zip (2.0 KiB, 11,552 hits)

Disable Superweapons – Version 2

Disables both the ‘super’ and the ‘ultimate’ weapons.

  DisableSWv2-112.zip (2.0 KiB, 17,733 hits)

Download Source

  DisableSW_source.zip (5.3 KiB, 4,797 hits)

107 thoughts on “Disable Superweapons in Red Alert 3

  1. stalks Post author

    That is a shame 🙁

    Are you using the English version of the game and v1.12?

    Anyhow, try and download it again and see if you still have the same issues, I have just updated it with a more robust version of the same mod.

  2. zeerbra

    Hey i’ve just redownloaded it again and it works! Thank you again and i’ll share this to my friends! You deserve more thanks for this 🙂 My version is 1.10 .

  3. loseless

    Great mod! I’ve always hated super weapons. They just make the game cheap, especially for those who like to take their time.

    Anyway, I don’t have updates. Can I still use this mod? I don’t want to update the game.


  4. stalks Post author

    Hey Mike. In the zip file is a “readme.txt” with instructions on how to setup the mod. If you need a more in-depth explanation then I can make a new post on how to install an RA3 mod.

    1. Anonymous

      there is generally 2 places you can find mod folders; the first would be the installation location and the second can be found in C:\Users\[USER LOGIN NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Red Alert 3\ (now the app data folder is hidden by default so you will need to activate the show hidden folders button in the windows explorer tab) i hope this helps even if it is 6 years later

  5. augusto

    i dont understand!
    i place the “mods” folder in right place.
    but i dont have a “game browser” ..only a RA3.exe

    i dont know how make it’s work.
    plesae explain better.

    and the other optins, to make a paste in shortcut ra3,????
    please, i dont understand.

    1. craig

      hey ive downloaded the mod to disable sw but doesnt work for me. ive put the files in red alert 3/mods but doesnt work. ive changed the path -ui
      do yo have any ideas?

  6. stalks Post author

    you could then try the other method and modify a shortcut.

    Create the folder at C:Mods so its easier to type, and add it to the shortcut:

    -modconfig “C:\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”

    1. dennis

      pls. advise how do i put the “-modconfig “C:\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”” in the shortcut for RA3? Thanks

  7. tumbes1980


    I didn’t succeed. Mayb i did something wrong. I created the folder (mod). now what? to which shortcut should i add the line:
    -modconfig “C:/Mods/DisableSWv2-112/DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”

    please, can you leave a more specific and detailed explanations for ignorant people like me? 🙂

  8. Thomm

    This is what I did to make it work:

    – I didnt have the mods folder so I created it where it was supposed to be accordig to the readme file (C:/Users/-user name-/Documents/Red Alert 3), and here I added the folder (DisableSWv2-112) containing the mod and readme etc

    – Now you end up with the following path: C:/Users/-user name-/Documents/Red Alert 3/Mods/DisableSWv2-112 at the end of this path are the actual mod files

    – Next you need a shortcut that you use to start the game, the mod probably wont appear in the Game Browser of the RA3 Control Center if you didnt have the Mods folder yet (my best guess) so you will need that shortcut to make it work

    – If you dont have a shortcut on your desktop to open the game, go to the folder the game is installed, default: C:/Program Files/Red Alert 3 (or something like that), here rightclick the RA3.exe and choose create shortcut

    – Now that you have a shortcut, right click it and choose properties, here you will need to add the next line to the field pointing to the location of the shortcut: -modConfig “path to the mod folder”, so for me I added -modConfig “C:/Users/Tom/Documents/Red Alert 3/Mods/DisableSWv2-112/DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”, be sure you put a space before the -modConfig or you will get an error

    – Now open the game by clicking the shortcut that youve just edited and now it should work

    Hope this helps and is detailed enough for ignorant ppl like tumbes1980 😛

    If this still doesnt work for you than either it wont work with your version of the game or idk really..



  9. Marc


    I am having a few problems with thim. I really want to use it as the super weapons really spoil the game for me. I play against easy opps just so that they dont ruin my game.

    I have put it in a mods folder in my docs but it didnt work. I am trying to put in the -modsconfig bit in the short cut but am having problems. Do I add it in to the Target or the Start in box. Also do I add it in and delete what is in there or do I add it in before/ after the current text.

    I really hope you can help and thanks anyway if you cant.


  10. Trevel18

    Took me a minute to figure out, but it works great. Added -ui to the end of my shortcut, like Glrk said (thank you), and then followed directions in readme. Really very simple. Thanks a bunch.

  11. Bort

    Me and a friend were playing over a network with several AI, and after 30 mins or so the game ended due to “out of sync” error. I am using version 1.12. So I wonder, was this mod at fault? Was it because I was playing over the network, or because I AI players? It reaalllly sucks when you play for so long just to have the game end.

  12. Green

    Is there a mod out there for disabling the “secret protocols”. I absolutely can’t stand them. Thanks.

  13. scott

    hi guys, I,m terrible with computers so please understand me when I say I have absolutely no clue at all on what to do. I have so far created a shortcut and I have clicked properties but I am unsure where I am meant to paste the path? please help a complete novice, thank you.

  14. Anonymous

    Hi, in properties how do u: ” add the next line to the field pointing to the location of the shortcut: -modConfig”

  15. peter

    Dude, thank you so much! I don’t know what the people were thinking not including this option. every couple minutes my forces are cut in half by some vacuum implosion and sucked up into the sky, no fun !!!!!

  16. tsak

    is there anyone who can explain me how to do this?????????
    there’s no stalks folder and no mods folder in my pc
    how you guys work this tricks

    Place the mods at Documents/Red Alert 3/Mods/

    ie. C:\Users\stalks\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112

    Load the Control Center (off the DVD autorun), choose Game Browser -> Mods, and double click the mod listed.


    add this to your RA3 shortcut (edit to point to the correct location):

    -modConfig “C:\Users\stalks\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”

  17. stalks Post author

    Is your name “stalks”? No. So there will be no stalks folder. That is an example of where your “Documents” folder would be.

    Just go to your documents folder and create the “Red Alert 3” folder, then go in there and create the “Mods” folder. Then extract the mod in there.

    It is hardly difficult. And creating comments to insult me (which I deleted) isn’t going to make me want to help you.

    I suggest if you can’t figure this out, go and find someone to help you follow the instructions.

  18. T-VIRUS

    i tried doing everything in your instructions but when i try adding -modconfig to the target box it says it is not valid
    and without the -modconfig it says that windows cant open this folder and directs me to the windows app store
    here is the original path “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\RA3.exe”

    and here is the new path -modConfig”C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”
    i have already tried adding a space before -modconfig and adding -ui at the end with and without spaces
    can someone tell me where i went wrong and if possible how i can fix it i already added the mods folder

    my system is as follows
    Windows 8 64 bit
    CPU core i5 2.3ghz
    RAM 4GB
    i am using a laptop just in case that is the problem otherwise the game runs perfectly before i tried installing this
    any help would be much appreciated

  19. stalks Post author

    T-VIRUS, you are meant to add the extra parts after the original. In your case it would be:

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\RA3.exe” -modConfig ”C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”

  20. John

    I have a stupid question: is it supposed to work with Uprising? I tried modifying the shortcut’s target as explained, but the mod doesn’t appear to have an effect. Thanks for your effort!

  21. ali

    how i can add in shortcut? i dont know , plz help me
    i make mods folder and put the file in mods folder , now what should i do?

  22. stalks Post author

    I haven’t got the steam copy so can’t test, however I beleive it is exactly the same installation, apart from the shortcut. Instead of modifying the shortcut, add the -modConfig line to the games launch options (right click game, properties)

  23. vic

    install game , start game and create save which should create a redalert 3 folder in documents.
    now create a mods folder in the redalert 3 folder.
    now create a redalert 3 desktop shortcut if you don’t already have one . right click – properties , in the target field (looks like)

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\RA3.exe” (then add next line)

    -modConfig”C:\Users\vic\Documents\Red Alert 3/Mods/DisableSWv2-112/DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef” ^ your name here
    I-1 space
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\RA3.exe” -modConfig”C:\Users\vic\Documents\Red Alert 3/Mods/DisableSWv2-112/DisableSWv2- 112_1.0.skudef”

    that’s it ,for my win 7 pro anyway, game upgraded to V1.12

    1. vic

      sorry bottom of message changed when sent.

      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\RA3.exe” (then add next line leaving 1 space in between RA3.exe” -modConfig”C: )

      -modConfig”C:\Users\vic\Documents\Red Alert 3/Mods/DisableSWv2-112/DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”

  24. Siku

    Hi! i tried all these things but it still wont work? how can i know it is working, do i just play and see if i can build super weapons?

    i posted shortcut, with normal path first, then the “space” and -modconfig(path) for mnod file. i bought the game through Origin and got v1.12


  25. Siku

    so i tried again with no luck 🙁
    I did this on RA3 shortcut “E:\Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert 3\Red Alert 3\RA3.exe” -ModConfig”C:\Users\Tom\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef” correct? i even did it on the launcher shortcut with no luck.

    and is it possible to get the gamebrowser thingy with origin version?

  26. Siku

    ANT IT WORKS!!!! HAHA! super nuke that! thank you so much for these files and your help 🙂
    I love red alert, but since i couldnt take off super weapons…. i never played it.

    NB: for me, short cut add didnt work, if more people are looking and got Origin ultimate collection as i do, you probably need a Custom Launcher to get (-ui) to work in shortcut
    search it up in google and it will most likely pop up! now i could just browse for the mod and works 🙂

    Thumbs up for stalks!

    Thanks again.

  27. Anonymous

    i just downloaded and it works,
    no mod folder but i put it in shortcut: (after game folder path)
    -ModConfig C:\Users\user name\Documents\Red Alert 3 Uprising\DisableSWv1-112
    and its Uprising. now i dont have to rush to build gigafortress against allies’ proton collider.

    1. Anonymous

      What version of the game are you playing??
      I have Red Alert 3 Uprising v1.0.1.0 and this mod doesn’t works with it.

  28. xBladeM6x

    I got this to work. (Have the Ultimate C&C Collection from Origin) Since the info seems to be all over the place between different websites and places, here’s how you get this to work, in a nice orderly fashion.

    – Download the C&C Launcher / Fixer For Origin C&C Ultimate Collection
    – Open and run the installer / fixer thing
    – Go to where your RA3 is installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert 3\Red Alert 3) and create a shortcut to your desktop from the RA3.exe
    – (Close the folder where the installation is, as you no longer need it open) Right-click the Shortcut you’ve just created and select Properties.
    – Under “Target:” leave it exactly the way it is but at the end of it add ” -ui” without the quotations, then press okay. (Note: Since the Fixer effects all installed C&C games, you can do this for all of them)
    – Now, navigate to (C:\Users\USER\Documents\Red Alert 3\) and create a folder called “Mods”, without the quotations.
    – Take the mod files you’ve downloaded from stalks, and unpack them using 7zip / WinRar into the mod folder you’ve just created. Inside the mod folder should now be 1-2 folder(s) called “DisableSWv1-112” or/and “DisableSWv2-112” depending on if you have unpacked both mods, or just one. (Close the folder where you’ve unpacked the mods, as you’ll no longer be needing it.)

    – Success! If you’ve followed this correctly, you can now launch the game this way from now on; Launch Red Alert 3 FROM THE SHORTCUT YOU CREATED (NOT ORIGIN), and you should see Origin initializing it, and shortly after a fancy launcher pop up.
    – Go to the “Game Browser” Tab and a new window will appear. In this window select the mods tab next to replays.
    – Double-click whichever mod you’d like to use, and the game will automatically boot up.

    Congratulations! You’re now playing C&C RA3 without Super Weapons, and now have a fancy launcher in which to mess around with other mods. I hope this makes your life easier stalks.

    1. John

      This worked for me. I have the Origin, Ultimate Collection version and could not get the box to run to activate the mods I wanted until I followed your instructions. Good work.

    2. craig

      hey got this working for ra3 but it doesnt work for uprising? i get the pop up thing but theres no game broswer for mods if that makes sense like there is ra3

  29. xBladeM6x

    If you have the Steam version of RA3, this is how you get it to work:

    – Right click your RA3 in Steam and select “Properties”.
    – In the “General Tab” click “Set Launch Options”
    – Put ” -ui” minus the quotations and click OK.
    – Now, navigate to (C:\Users\USER\Documents\Red Alert 3\) and create a folder called “Mods”, without the quotations, unless one is already made, then there’s no need.
    – Take the mod files you’ve downloaded from stalks, and unpack them using 7zip / WinRar into the mod folder you’ve just created. Inside the mod folder should now be 1-2 folder(s) called “DisableSWv1-112″ or/and “DisableSWv2-112″ depending on if you have unpacked both mods, or just one. (Close the folder where you’ve unpacked the mods, as you’ll no longer be needing it.)
    – Launch Red Alert 3 from Steam as normal.
    – The menu will now appear. Go to the “Game Browser” Tab and a new window will appear. In this window select the mods tab next to replays.
    – Double-click whichever mod you’d like to use, and the game will automatically boot up / Highlight the mod and press launch game.

    Congratulations! You’re now playing C&C RA3 without Super Weapons, and now have a fancy launcher in which to mess around with other mods. I hope this makes your life easier stalks.

  30. Joey

    I’ve done all the steps correctly here, however, upon starting the game, windows “detects a problem”, and i can’t get past the splash screen before it shuts it down. i have this copied in the “target” of the shortcut,:

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\RA3.exe” -modConfig “C:\Users\myname\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv1-112\DisableSWv1-112_1.0.skudef”

    and left the “start in” as “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Red Alert 3\”

    any suggestions?

    do i need to be running this off the DVDs themselves? I’m under the impression the shortcut modification was enough.

  31. Syrabi

    It works perfect.
    Took some time to work it out, but it did.

    I try to write a detailed explanation for Steam.

    First, you download the mod. I downloaded the one that disables both superweapons.
    Then I went to my documents, and the Red Alert 3 folder. There was no ‘Mods’ folder, so i created one. In here, I placed the two files that i just downloaded here.

    I play it on Steam, so i opened Steam, right clicked on Red Alert 3 and then Properties.
    I clicked launch options and added : -modConfig “C:\Users\stalks\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”
    Since my name is Gebruiker, I changed Stalks in Gebruiker.

    Now, this is the part that took a long time to find out.
    -modConfig “C:\Users\Gebruiker\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”
    As you can see here: DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”
    There are 2 files that it directs you to. And that is why it didnt work for me. Since I want both superweapons gone, I deleted the text: DisableSWv2-112

    On Steam, Red Alert 3, Properties, Launch options is now the text: -modConfig “C:\Users\Gebruiker\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”

    Superweapons no longer show up in the game. YAY!!

  32. Dom

    Someone please help me! I would be able to enjoy this game if only one were able to remove super weapons and top secret protocols. I have the downloaded version from origin and I CANNOT GET THIS TO WORK TO SAVE MY LIFE!!! The above methods dont seem to work for me. Someone help PLEASE! I have windows 7 64 bit.

  33. Anonymous

    amazing. collider/imploder/decimator were annoying the crap out of me. ill have fun with my chronosphere now that i dont have to use it to kill thier damaging superweapons(heh 6 futuretanks in thier base). MCVS TELEPORTING EVERYWHERE/ BASE THE WHOLE MAP AND PUT ENEMY ON TOTAL LOCKDOWN SIEGE MUAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Anonymous

      now to just disable magnetic sattelite so i can set up my ring of pacifier cannons without them getting sucked up :l

  34. alfred

    where is mods? i follow this “C:\Users\alfred\Documents\Red Alert 3\Replays” “Replays” ??? where do i find mods?? please help me..

    1. Jone

      Hey Alfred, first, just create a “Mods” folder yourself, then it will become “C:\Users\alfred\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods”.
      After that, extract the zip file you downloaded into the “Mods” folder.
      Remember, extract the whole folder of “DisableSWv1-112” or “DisableSWv2-112”, do not extract those files inside of the folder.
      Second, Go to your RA3 game folder and then right click the application of RA3, click “create a shortcut”, and then right click the RA3 shortcut again, choose “properties”, you’ll see a slot that named “Target”, type: -modConfig “C:\Users\alfred\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\DisableSWv2-112\DisableSWv2-112_1.0.skudef”
      Oh, remember to put a space before adding -modConfig, or else it wouldn’t work properly…
      Enjoy!!! XD

      1. alfred

        Hey Jone, I think i follow ur instruction correctly, but it didn’t work again… pls.. can you give me more detailed instruction?? plss…??

        -by the way, i just DL my RA3 from torrent only?? maybe thats the problem?? what u think??

        NOOB Here!!

  35. Pulsahr

    Hi ! I’m currently working on the popular “upheaval” mod to try to add your SW lock. I’m on it for *checks the clock* 6 hours now.
    I have been able to lock it for humans by adding your LogicCommandSet.xml and referenced it in the global Mod.xml. One step done.

    However, it doesn’t stop the AI from building its SW, and I can’t figure out where or how it is scripted.

    Can you help me on this ?

  36. DonkeyKong

    It works for red alert 3 (origin) however not for uprising version.
    Kinda sucks i dont have the “game browser” option for uprising
    so i can activate the mod, also adding it to shortcut doesnt do anything at all.
    I hope someone can come up with a solution to it as it would be much appreciated.

  37. Manuel

    Hi, i did the same mod to the game, but yours is better. I forgot to exclude SovietCrane from building the sw….
    However, Allies are able to build sw the same, and i can’t figure out why. They are the only faction in the game that can build superweapons despite i removed them from the LogicCommandSet of the AlliedConstructionYardCommandSetBase, that is, tha base on which the actual commandset for the various base tech levels are built upon. Do you have any hints? I’m adding this to upheaval mod, i think i’m doing it in the correct way. There are maybe some other way for the AI, in Skirmish, to build sw?

  38. Myron

    I don’t care about RA3; does this mod work for Uprising skirmish or not?

    I created a folder at that C drive address, called it “Mods”, and place you mods into it, but nothing changed.

    What do I do?

  39. BigWeaves

    The browser tab does not show for uprising, been trying for AGES because someone near the top of these comments said it works for uprising. Please can someone fix this?


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