Teamspeak 3 – Server Admin Query privilege key

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In order to add a user as “Server Admin Query”, login via telnet as “serveradmin” and get a privilege token with the following command:

You will need to select which virtualserver the token should be generated with first with use sid=[server id].


XoloMiner Linux Install Script

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I’ve written an install script for Xolo’s PrimeCoin Pool Miner XoloMiner on my new favourite coin, PrimeCoin (XPM).

This makes the miner ready to use at, or any other pool that supports XoloMiner.

This is still a work in progress, but the install script itself is complete. So far it has been created only for Debian Wheezy as this is the distro I have been using.

$ ./xolominer

Usage: ./xolominer {start|stop|restart|force-reload|status|install|uninstall}

This script will do the following:

  • Install pre-requisites
  • Compile from latest GitHub source
  • Add user/group
  • Init script
  • Log to /var/log/xolominer
  • Crontab entries for auto-restart and log rotate
  • Set to run at boot
  • Uses /etc/xolominer/xolominer.conf as list of pools to loop through (failover)
  • Command “status” for pool and chains per day rate (can be used in Nagios/Zabbix)
  • Command “uninstall” to remove all files except config at /etc/xolominer

I made this as I have access to a few Debian machines and wanted to be able to quickly and easily install the miner without having to perform it all manually. I also needed a reason to code some more bash 🙂

I actually have similar scripts for installing cpuminer, cgminer and bfgminer but this script has been tested the most and is worthy of public attention, enjoy 🙂

Updated 2014-05-12
Updated build method
Renamed to XoloMiner

Note: When updating, uninstall old version and copy /etc/primeminer/primeminer.conf to /etc/xolominer/xolominer.conf

Download (13.3 KiB, 1,392 hits)

Download (old version) (12.3 KiB, 1,523 hits)

Happy mining!

How to use:
wget -q;
chmod +x;
sudo ./ install;

Installer output:
Uninstaller output:

Session (ID X) remote control failed

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You may find it impossible to remote control a user from Task Manager on Windows Server and get the above error.

If it only works when using the built-in administrator account, then this may be because UAC is enabled. Task Manager needs to be UAC-elevated in order to perform the remote control task.

The long-term fix is to disable UAC like discussed in this Technet forum post.


A quicker method, and if you want to keep UAC enabled, is to elevate Task Manager by going to the “Processes” tab and clicking “Show processes from all users” button. This elevates Task Manager to show all processes and then allows you to remote control.

Compile Owncloud libocsync0 for Debian Wheezy from source

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I was trying to get the Python Owncloud CLI package to work on Wheezy. It requires libocsync0 which is available in unstable but it has many depends that would push the box further into unstable than I would of liked (samba and sftp plugins require unstable versions of samba, ssh, libc6, etc.).

To get libocsync working on wheezy, I did the following:

Windows 7 on XEN HVM — Slow Remote Desktop

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Update: The same issue and fix are relevant for Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 and Windows 8. Maybe all versions of Windows using the GPL PV drivers.

I just installed a Windows 7 guest onto a Debian Wheezy Xen dom0. I installed these GPLPV drivers v11.0.372. Using RealVNC to setup the machine was fast and responsive, however once I switched over to RDP the machine was acting like a mule. The RDP session was slowly redrawing the screen as each new application loaded. Internet Explorer’s default MSN page with its ever changing news feed image was causing the session to almost lock up.

The fix is to disable Large Send Offload on the Xen network adapter.

Simple instructions:

  1. Press the Start Orb
  2. Type: “devmgmt.msc” and press enter
  3. In device manager, find Network Adapters
  4. Right click, “Xen Net Device Driver” and choose Properties
  5. Under the advanced tab, click “Large Send Offload” and adjust the Value to “Disabled”
  6. Click Okay (if you did this via RDP, you will lose the connection as the network is reset, just reconnect)